An open letter

A couple of months ago I saw Jumanah Albahri’s infamous agreement with genocide against Jews from the great David Horowitz’s talk at UCSD. It horrified me so much I joined the facebook group set up to oppose such open hostility to Jews in American college campuses by members of the Muslim Students Association. I, perhaps naively, believed that since I was the anti-racist and they were the ones supporting an advocate for genocide I had legality on my side as well as morality. I was incorrect. The facebook group, “Expel Jumanah Imad Albahri from UC San Diego,” became very popular quickly with over 500 members within a couple of days. I was quite active in debates with opponents who had also joined the page from the ubiquitous opposing group, “Do no expel Jumanah Imad Albahri,” that I was asked to be one of the moderators of the group by the two existing ones. My lack of neutrality soon led to them removing me from that position because they did everything possible to create a very fair emotion free environment abiding by all of Facebook’s stipulations. This however was not enough. An Orwellian chain of events followed in which our group was closed down, both moderators and myself had our facebook profiles disabled and finally my blog was closed down my because I refused to take down screenshots of debates with supporters of “genocide girl” Jumanah Imad Albahri” I had taken from our group which clearly stated before joining that all posts are “public.” I should also mention that the pro-Jumanah group was not disabled and none of the supporters Jumanah, who supports Hamas and Hezbollah as well as genocide against Jews, have had their facebook accounts closed. Facebook has a double standard. also told me that; “If this person said hose (sic) kind of affirmations («Kill all Jews») on our platform and we’d received a comaint (sic) against it, it would be shutdown also.” Which of course means they would be happy with a blogger having a blog dedicated to supporting anti-Semitism unless someone complained about it? How is it possible that in 2010 the opponents of anti-Semitism can be shut down by the “authorities” but the supporters of anti-Semites are allowed to have free reign in the pages of facebook and the internet and our college campuses with no repercussions for their actions.

An open letter: 2 комментария

  1. You claim yourself to be smart and anti racist, yet you’re the most racist and stupidest of us all. RULES ARE RULES, and does NOT look at your blogs. To tell you the truth, they don’t give a flying fuck what you blog about unless complaints arise, because they’re not looking at your blog. You’re not that important, get over yourself you moron. The more hate you advocate along with your narcissistic attitude, the more you’ll be rejected for breaking site rules. SO please, wake the fuck up and get your head out of your ass, because from the looks of it, the fumes are driving you to retardation beyond genetic mutation.

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