What you won’t see on the BBC

The British experiment with multi-culturalism and mass immigration without integration and assimilation has failed dismally with disastrous consequences. Already home-grown Islamic terrorists have perpetrated bombings and attempted to on a number of occasions but now native Englishmen feel so abandoned by the elites that they have taken to the streets many times to protest their governments love-affair with all things Islamic. After some government schools and prisons only serve hallah food, Christmas cards are banned in public service, even piggy banks have been banned for fear of upsetting Muslims there is a grass-roots movement called the English Defence League rising in many parts of the UK. They are a multi-ethnic and multi-religious movement comprising Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and of course Anglo-Saxon’s sick and tired of a government abandoning traditional British ethics and culture in the name of political correctness. They have been largely ignored by the mainstream media or labelled neo-Nazi’s which is plainly untrue. It is not hateful to not tolerate intolerance it is their duty to stand up for Women’s, Gays, Minorities rights. Muslim bus and taxi drivers are even refusing to pick up blind people with guide dogs with no punishment. Islam needs to modernise and Westernise not the reverse. Western society should not lose what makes it great; democracy and liberalism. There is literally a clash of cultures taking place on English streets right now.

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Comment about righteous Muslims saving Jews during the holocaust.

The difference between perception of Muslims and Jews in the West seems to be that any action by an individual Jew is deemed a “Jewish trait” and all Jews are blamed whereas Westerners constantly quote the “Islam is peace” or “well Christians were bad during the crusades” argument so that Muslims never have to feel responsible for the actions of their coreligionists no matter how large a “minority”. I just wish that the majority of Muslims or spokesmen for Islam took a leaf out of the book of Muslims that helped Jews during the War instead of resenting Jews as seems to be the norm these days.

An unbiased «organisatgion»

We haven’t heard much from Richard Goldstone lately, he hasn’t exactly been debating his report. I just noticed there’s a new website supporting him complete with typical anti-Israeli propaganda including a spelling mistake on the first page (Classy);

It’s obviously a phoney rip off of the great site run by Richard Landes pointing out the deep flaws in the report.