9 answers to Muslim propaganda (Part 1)

A friend of mine emailed me this today «»9 Questions Muslims Should Ask the World»  and it is just such pure propaganda I thought I’d need to address it. I’ll critique each question;

This is a silly comparison for a number of reasons. One commentor on the website points out that nuns choose to enter a convent and dress this way whereas many Muslim women are compelled upon punishments (In Iran, S’audi etc) to wear a hijab. This though misses the essential point. Westerners do not object to any Muslim covering their hair. Muslims intentionally confuse the truth. There are no laws, such as the one in France banning the veil (burka) in any Western country against Muslim women covering their hair. Westerners object to muslim women covering their FACE. This is for both cultual and security reasons. Already there have been cases in many Western countries in which Muslim women have been asked to remove face coverings for the purposes of identification at airports, giving evidence in courts and for driving offences.

This is complete bullshit and ignores the whole feminist movement that allowed women the RIGHT to work. No one claims every Muslim stay at home mother is oppressed but if she isnt ALLOWED to work by her husband because of SHARIA law against her wishes then she is oppressed.


Again, the Muslim propaganist deliberately confuses the Hijab with the Burka and implies its a Western issue when infact Muslim countries like Tunisia and Turkey ban the Hijab is universities and goverment offices because they try to exercise a seperation between «church» and state. Similarly, secular France bans all religious symbols from government schools not just Muslim ones. The «Burka ban» debated in Holland and many other western countries right now is about banning FACE coverings not HAIR coverings.

I’m just not sure there’s any evidence (and the propagandist doesn’t supply it) that Westerners? think Muslim children are hopeless for learning the Koran. What they do object to are Madrasses teaching hatred of Jews and Christians both in countries like Pakistan and in S’audi Wahabi schools in countries like the UK as described in this recent documentary;


Firstly, an interest but often overlooked feature of the Arab-Israel dispute is when compared to any other conflict in human history there are almost no cases of RAPE by Jews against Arabs. The almost total absence of rape (unlike say Iran and Sudan where rape is used by Muslims against their enemies as a form of torture at the behest of religious authories such as when «highly influential Shi’a religious leader, with whom Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regularly consults, apparently told followers last month that coercion by means of rape, torture and drugs is acceptable against all opponents of the Islamic regime«) has lead some of Israel’s critiques to accuse Jews of racism for not raping Palestinian women.  To suggest otherwise is simply an unfounded lie.

Also, the moral equivalence of someone protecting their family from an attacker to a person walking into a restaurant and blowing himself and those around him up is unjustified. Palestinians routinely use both Mosques and Ambulances to store and transport arms (in violation of Geneva conventions).